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Vac-Con is the only sewer cleaning truck manufacturer that offers 4 unique models:

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Single Engine Fan

Vac-Con is the only sewer cleaning manufacturer that offers a 3-stage fan. They have combined the performance of a fan with the ease of the Vac-Con single engine design. The result is a machine as unique as the applications it serves.

Single Engine Fan


Single Engine PD

Every sewer truck manufacturer offers a single engine positive displacement model. Only the Vac-Con offers clear deck space and easy access to maintenance points. With our hydrostatic drive system, both the vacuum and water systems can be operated independently, giving you greater control for your application.

Resources from the Vac-Con website:

Single Engine website

Single Engine brochure


Dual Engine Fan


This is the machine that made Vac-Con a force in the sewer equipment industry when they opened their doors in 1986. With the vacuum and water systems entirely separated, the full range of performance became available for the first time. The chassis engine drives the vacuum system, the auxiliary engine powers the water pump, and cleaning sewer lines became easier.

Resources from the Vac-Con website:

Dual Engine Fan


Dual Engine PD

No other machine on the market can match the performance of a Vac-Con dual engine pd unit. Because the vacuum and water systems are driven separately, full vacuum power and full water pressure is available without slacking performance. When you need the ultimate in sewer cleaning, the dual engine pd is the only way to go.

Resources from the Vac-Con website:

Dual Engine website

Dual Engine brochure


Vac-Con Recycler

More municipalities are trying to save water in their line cleaning services, so Vac-Con has introduced the Vac-Con Recycler. Utilizing proven technology from Europe, the Vac-Con Recycler helps the operators continue to clean sewer lines without stopping to fill water, saving time and resources. Available in both single and dual engine configurations, the Vac-Con Recycler is a powerful eco-friendly sewer cleaning tool.

Resources from the Vac-Con website:

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