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Global Sweepers has the most complete line of street sweepers on the market, including the first all electric street sweeper.

Global Street Sweeper

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Global Mechanical

Global mechanical sweepers are available in both 3 or 4 wheel configurations. Both the 3 and 4 wheel sweepers are available in diesel and electric, with a 4 wheel version available in other alternative fuel options.

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Global Regenerative Air

The only purpose built regenerative air sweeper means a tighter turning radius and the only 3 wheel regenerative air machine on the market. Available in diesel with the electric option coming soon, the Global R3 and R4 can handle your toughest regenerative air jobs.

Global R3 website Global R4 website

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Global Electric Sweepers

The first all electric street sweepers, the Global M3 and M4 have all the performance of their diesel powered counterparts with none of the emissions. Sustainability without sacrificing performance.

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